Friday, July 8, 2011

Timeless Pieces: Gianni Bini Bag + Outfit Ideas

Love, love, love this bag! It was love from first sight :) I was a little disappointed when I figured out it wasn't made of leather. But since the quality was still good and all the stitches done nicely I thought 'What a hell! It's a nice bag'. So I bought it.
This 80s inspired bag can compliment and finish any outfit. You can wear it almost with everything. This is probably the first principle I use when buying clothes or accessories. I try to buy something that is not one-time-wear-it-and then-forget-it things :) Plus something that will be fashionable for a long period of time. And I believe this one will (tell you a secret-I am an oracle about this kind of things :) lol) Anyways! I had this outfit in mind......................................
(It's from Harper's Bazaar Magazine June/July 2011)

I had dress and leather jacket (another timeless piece from BGBC:), shoes (of course:) but I didn't have a bag. So when I got this Gianni Bini Bag the outfit was put together finally!
So here it is :) I hope you'll like it!

And there's another outfit. 

P.S. And you know what's the best part? If you liked the bag it's on sale now!
Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. Обожаю твое красное платье! Сумочка и правда закончила образ.

    А второй наряд - вау! Красавица! Мне особенно понравилась сочетание сережек и часов!

  2. you look so good in that red dress!! well done :)

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  3. GRAYSCALED, спасибо, большое:)

  4. where did you get the striped dress from love it!