Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Is Your Dream Shoes?

I was checking solestruck website today in the morning and found some REALLY nice shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. He's amazing at what he's doing! Each pair is a piece of beauty and I would even say ART! Most of it is already soled out but you can leave your e-mail and they will contact you once they have it in stock.

Zinnia by Jeffrey Campbell

I think those are my FAVORITE ones - Zip 2 Stud. They also have it in black!

Zinger by Jeffrey Campbell

Zandy NS by Jeffrey Campbell

Outlaw by Jeffrey Campbell

      Have a nice weekend everyone!!!


  1. wow these are amazing !! great post nothing better then seeing shoes love it !!

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  2. Thank you:) I definitely will check your blog out:))

  3. Love these dream pair of shoes are anything by jimmy choo haha! Check out my blog xx